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It has been trusted and favored by professional investors for more than 40 years
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Integrated software and data solutions designed for investment professionals

For the past 40 years, FactSet has been a trusted partner to financial professionals around the world, being present across teams, asset classes and every step of the investment process。Our goal is to provide customers with a seamless, one-stop user experience,Throughout the development from investment ideas,To portfolio construction, trade execution, risk management, portfolio reporting,To portfolio analysis tools that address the different needs of the front, middle and back,Improve team and company efficiency through one-stop analysis platform,Promote the improvement of investment returns,Jointly build a new financial ecosystem。FactSet is a flexible, open software solution that allows customers to build a complete set of analytics tools at the corporate level or integrate individual analytics modules into their existing solutions to match their workflow。A compatible and efficient platform enables global partners and users to share new value。FactSet is dedicated to developing a highly open platform that gives users the flexibility to integrate their own and third-party solutions and data into their FactSet platform to meet their personalized needs and experiences。

FactSet hui was listed on the New York stock exchange and nasdaq (the New York stock exchange code: FDS | nasdaq stock code: FDS)

FACTSET is smart in Asia

FACTSET is smart in Asia

In 1995, FactSet established an office in Tokyo to bring global advanced professional services to the Asian market。After three years of ups and downs, in 1998 FactSet huizhi, based in Hong Kong, China, expanded its business to the entire Asia-pacific region, accelerated the trend of overseas layout, and steadily took root in the Chinese market。The Shanghai office not only localizes its services in the Greater China region, but also strengthens FactSet's relationship with its customers。FactSet keeps a close eye on the local market and continues to invest,Through more face-to-face training, support and collaboration,For domestic users to bring more personalized, targeted, professional services and experience,Provide a full range of industry, global professional services,So that customers more calmly to deal with the rapidly changing market conditions,Achieve win-win results on a broader international stage。

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Powerful analytics tools to help you create winning investment strategies。Download our brochure to find out how FactSet Smart can help you increase productivity while enhancing profitability and making more accurate decisions company-wide with its leading analytics tools, unique high performance data, and flexible fintech

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