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Leverage market intelligence and advanced analytics to generate alpha efficiently.


Conduct detailed analysis of companies and industries with a solution that combines relevant market information with advanced analytics in a single platform. FactSet has the tools you need to understand investor profiles, access research reports, construct valuation models, and identify new investment opportunities.



Private Equity

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    Award-winning private equity solutions


    Follow the money with in-depth investor profiles.

    Understand an investor’s profile with access to detailed coverage of previous deals, fund performance, and more. Gain a comprehensive view of common investor types including angels, crowdfunding, venture capital, private equity, corporates, asset owners, and accelerators. Find the most active financial buyers by reviewing past investments, acquisitions, and exits. Identify and prospect relevant limited partners by viewing aggregated investments and preferences by sector, country, or fund vintage. 

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    Investor Profiles

    Discover new sources of alpha with high-quality, connected data.

    Identify your next deal using FactSet’s in depth coverage, encompassing millions of private companies, with firmographics, financials, investment rounds, transactions, and comparables. Expand your analysis and ensure unparalleled precision from a superior industry taxonomy based on a company’s products and services. Deepen your knowledge of a firm’s financing history by tracking active and former investors, associated deals, and ownership. View an issuer’s public and private debt financing or source loans by key segments and credit terms to thoroughly analyze all sources of capital. Monitor capital markets in real time with access to breaking news and commentary for debt capital markets.

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    New Sources of Alpha

    Conduct thorough research on transactions and financing alternatives.

    Track comparable transactions for benchmarking and advisor spend on over one million transactions encompassing M&A, private placements, equity/debt new issues, SPACs, and more. Leverage FactSet's detailed analytics to trace deals across the M&A, debt, and equity markets to gain a complete overview of all the interdependencies. Evaluate pre-/post-money valuations on investment rounds and monitor fundraising and investment activity for active GPs. Assess potential M&A deals by running Pro-forma analysis across geographic revenues, supply chains, and business lines.

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    Transactions & Financing

    Identify new investment opportunities.

    Use sophisticated screening technology to quickly curate companies, investments, and deals. Customize and narrow your search criteria to identify investments and exits or to find buyers, co-investors, or limited partners. Discover and rank relevant buyers with FactSet's targeting algorithm. Quickly find intelligence on companies and investment firms across public and private markets.

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    Investment Opportunities

    Enhance your analysis with key industry research reports.

    Access industry- and company- specific research reports from more than 1,700 brokers. Perform deep sector analysis using FactSet's industry-leading broker estimate data items, including industry metrics and business segments.

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    Research Reports

    Streamline your workflow with dynamic models, reports, and presentations.

    Use FactSet's tools for Microsoft Office to retrieve, update, chart, and audit data in your 模型和演示. Expedite common formatting tasks using keyboard shortcuts known as hotkeys. View a breakdown of values, identify data sources, and access definitions behind a formula with powerful auditing capabilities. Link data between Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word to easily import and update data and charts in your pitchbooks and presentations.

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    Dynamic Presentations

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