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Get the context to capitalize on every opportunity with StreetAccount News.

Find the signal in the noise with curated, contextual news and quotes

No matter which corner of the investment universe you cover, FactSet news, quotes, and markets bring you both the market-level headlines and granular details you need to make better investment decisions. Get accurate, real-time updates wherever you areon the topics, companies, and industries that matter to you.

news, quotes, and markets find the signal in the noise with curated, contextual news and quotes
News, Quotes & Markets
    draw from more news sources for a more complete perspective

    Draw from more news sources for a more complete perspective.

    At a time when news is as likely to come from social media as traditional media, the diversity and volume of information makes it increasingly difficult to keep up with all the material details.

    With FactSet, get the digestible information you need to incorporate every market-moving headline into your analysis. Whether you're looking for story summaries, earnings reports, analyst commentary, market updates, or company quotes—FactSet brings you fast and accurate updates so you can quickly uncover how the news of the day are impacting your world.

    Contextualized News


    Don't miss our unique commentary like our weekly Earnings Insight, ETF fund flows, deep dives into performance and fixed-income analysis, and more.

    access data that moves with you

    Access data that moves with you.

    Whether you're on the road or at your desk, get the information you need on the devices and streams you rely on. With FactSet, news, quotes, and market updates are seamlessly linked across all devices, making it easy to stay informed on the portfolios watchlists you’ve created. Headlines won't stop when you leave your desk and neither will FactSet.

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    filter news and quotes to see only what matters

    Filter news and quotes to see only what matters.

    When you're trying to make sense of your world, separating signal from noise is paramount. FactSet gives you the tools to filter the news and information that matters to you by company, portfolio, index, keyword, and more. Set up alerts that notify you when a story matches your criteria and ensure that you always have a complete picture of the story.

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